What's Inside?

What's Inside?

Here at Grizzly Where, we want your purchase to be more than just a purchase - we want it to be an experience. We want to get you involved as much as possible! We asked one of our first customers to send us a photo of her new Grizzly Where tee. She did more than just send us a photo - she shared her experience! 

Every purchase comes with Grizzly Where SWAG. Each customer receives a Grizzly Where notepad (to create your next Grizzly Where wishlist of course), business card, personal thank you card, some logo stickers, and our personal favorite, a Where's Grizzly look & find activity sheet! See our last blog post to get the low down on the look & find.

ps... you can win prizes!

Okay, I've teased you enough... check out what she got!

You can share your experience with us bears over here at Grizzly Where by posting your photo to Facebook & use #GrizzlyWhere. We love your feedback!

Now that you've seen the excitement in each Grizzly Where box, you want a FREE TEE of your choice, right?

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All subscribers will also receive a 20% off discount code!

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