Where's Grizzly?

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Where's Grizzly?

"I don't get it... shouldn't it be 'Grizzly Wear' not 'Grizzly Where'...?"

Let me explain. Anyone can create a clothing company, throw the word "wear" in the name and call it a day. Here's where we got creative (creative is our middle name over here!)

We know we aren't your average shirt brand. We want buying a shirt from us to be an experience rather than simply a purchase. Got your attention?

Each time you make a purchase with Grizzly Where, you will receive a "Where's Grizzly?" activity sheet. Not only are these activity sheets fun and intriguing, they are actually challenging and you can win prizes! Every quarter we will switch up the theme of the activity sheet. Our very first theme isss.... THE GYM! 

Although they're bears, they like to get their fitness on after a long season of hibernation. Get caught up in the chaos and try to find all the hidden Grizzly Where logos in our current "Where's Waldo?" inspired look & find activity sheet. Each character and element is hand drawn on a tablet by Grizzly Where's graphic designer (me!) and I'm all about witty and creative nonsense, so I'm confident you'll be entertained!

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